About us

Jewish school-kindergarten “Private educational institution” Educational association Perlyna” was founded in 2001.

It has two divisions:

– Kindergarten

– Elementary School


– Perlyna is licensed by the Department of Science and Education of Ukraine.

– Primary education according to the State standards of the NUS program.

– Preschool education according to the program “Child”.

– The institution provides in-depth study of English, Hebrew, early study of IT – technologies.

– Qualitative modern education is backed by time and experience of Jewish education.

– The internal regulations are based on the observance of Jewish traditions. Children study the history and traditions of the Jewish people.

– Additional training programs for English, robotics, LevelUp in the SmartJ project, and a course in mental mathematics.

– There is a Sunday school for children and parents based on the JFuture project.

– In addition, there is a creative studio and sports sections for the diverse development of the child.

– Accompanied by a practical child psychologist.