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Educational programs

The kindergarten works according to the educational program for the development of children from 2 to 7 years old “Child”, which is aimed at shaping the child’s personality, studying Jewish culture and traditions in the light of modern life.

Group size is up to 12 children.

An educator, assistant educator, teachers work in each group. The main lessons are conducted by an educator. Traditions, English and Hebrew, music and physical education classes are conducted by teachers who specialise in them.

Each classroom is adapted to the age of the children. Modern technologies and equipment are used in education. The premises are equipped with children’s furniture and play areas.

English and Hebrew learning is conducted with native speakers.

The kindergarten has a child psychologist who helps children and their parents to pass the stage of adaptation within the group, conducts systematic monitoring of mental and age development of each child, atmosphere and communication between children in each group. Every child has an opportunity to consult a speech therapist and if necessary, attend speech therapy classes.

The kindergarten employs a junior nurse to provide health-related services and first response help.

There are playgrounds and sports grounds on the territory of the kindergarten, where children have the opportunity to walk and play outside.

On Sunday, children and their parents have the option to attend Sunday school, where they learn Jewish traditions in a playful and creative way.

Kindergarten Perlyna has created a family atmosphere in which the traditional desire of Jews to give their children all the best is realized.

And most importantly – OUR CHILDREN ARE HAPPY!