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Individual approach

A small number of students in the classroom gives the opportunity to find an individual approach to learning subjects, to take into account the pace of work of each student, taking into account his resources and needs, to reveal the individual abilities and talents of each child.

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Territory protection

The safety of children in the premises and on the territory of the school is ensured by round-the-clock security, a video surveillance system and an emergency call button. From 08:00 to 19:00, when children are at school, the area is monitored by qualified security guards.

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Green area

The beauty and aesthetic appearance of the school brings harmony to life. The tidy school site promotes high-grade rest of pupils during breaks, instills in them love to the nature, teaches to treat green plantings carefully, teaches to tidiness and an order. Walks in fresh air every day.

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Sports and playgrounds

A children’s playground with elements of a sports complex is an important component of a child’s physical, psychological and mental development. In the modern world there is an urgent need to create conditions for the physical development of the younger generation, to promote a healthy lifestyle, sports.

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First-aid post

The school has a modern аirst-aid post, provided with all necessary medicines and medicines. An experienced nurse is present during the children’s stay at the school. If necessary, an ambulance is called to the emergency room.

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Full day school

This is a school for students in grades 1-4, where the child spends the whole day: attends classes, eats, does homework, plays sports, goes to electives and communicates with his friends.

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Sunday school

Provides maximum productive work of all students in the existing system of education. The main advantage of individual learning is that it allows you to fully adapt the content, methods and pace of educational activities of the child to its characteristics, monitor each action and operation in solving specific problems, its movement from ignorance to knowledge, make timely adjustments to…

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Modern studying

STEAM education; Work in small groups; The game form of training; Experiments and observations; English speaking club “Speaking Club”; Appropriate use of classroom space. Depending on the purpose of the lesson and the methods used, the necessary zones are created, the desks are arranged in different ways, or the tables are removed altogether.

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Foreign languages

Foreign languages (English, Hebrew, Russian) Pearl School is certified as a training center for students at the Cambridge English Exam. Learning English according to the Cambridge system. There is also an English Club, in which children discuss various topics from life in English. Hebrew is taught with a native speaker according to the author’s program, which is specially adapted for…

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