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“Intelligence of the Future”

School Perlyna has become an initiator and founder of the “Intelligence of the Future” contest. The aim of this contest is to stimulate creative thinking and activity of our students. Also it gives us an opportunity to discover an develop intellectual abilities of gifted children.    Regional intellectual contest is being held in March, devided into three rounds. Third- and fourth-year students take part in competing for knowledge in Ukrainian, Math and English.   Congratulations to the winners!

Победители районного конкурса

Столар Соня (Английский язык 1-е место)

Победители районного конкурса

Руденко Валерия (Украинский язык 2-е место)

Победители районного конкурса

Дубинская Аня (Английский язык 3-е место)

Победители районного конкурса

Дубинский Феликс (Матеметика 1-е место)